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Having some 15 years' experience in the Finance and Administration Industry with Big4 experience, we are able to assist your company with the most complex financial queries and provide you with temorary replacements at all levels.

Also for your Customer Due Dilligence KYC due dilligence and Investigation projects we can assist in working by in collaborative teams to reach optimal goals.

Our expertise has some specific sectors, for example the financial accounting for Real Estate Investment companies. In our client portfolio we mainly focused is on Real Estate Companies and the larger international orientated structured clients.

Specialties: Management, Accounting, Trust Management, Real Estate & AIFMD Depository services, Active collaboration with auditors, RE Property Managers and Asset/Portfolio Managers

Project services

Can support your ongoing project management and costings

Biz improvement

Dont worry about day to day business challenges, we are here to take care.


Reporting and management information work together hand to hand, we take care of that as well.


Always get the right person in your company for the right job, leave it us we can take care.